Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Post 49

I’m pouting.

The human man yelled at me and then locked me in my crate at dinner time.

I’m not talking to him anymore, see if I claw him, see if I look very fluffy and eat his popcorn at night.

All I did was get excited about dinner time and when the Mutatoe ran up the stairs I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and slammed his head in the ground. It wasn’t my fault he squeeked really loud and it sounded all pitiful and like I hurt him. He bounced right back up and chased me so he couldn’t have been mortally wounded like it all sounded.

Sure, the human man only left me in the crate for a minute to “teach me a lesson”, but still... not fair.

I’ve learned my lesson alright... next time I’m not giving the mutatoe the chance to squeek when I pile drive his head into the carpet.

That’ll teach him to rat me out.




  1. Maybe woo khould prakhtice getting Sam to Frankie Girrrl by using the mutatoe?


  2. You DO have such a good time pile driving the poor mutatoe don't you? Heehee!