Friday, September 05, 2008

Post 84

I'm glad to hear that MayaMarie and her pals have their electricity back on from that Gustav storm thing.

They have their humans trained very well because they had a generator that was powering their own personal fans and they had plenty of ice and goodies and they got to pee inside and everything! How exciting!

Here, my humans took in deck furniture, then plopped their butts back in front of the computers. No going out to buy us our own generator or fans or get extra ice in case we lose power, nothing. I'm sure they will go out shortly and go get themselves lattes from Starbucks, but they won't bring us a puppacino or anything like that. Noooo, they are selfish humans!

I'm sure that while the trees are bent over from gazillion mile winds, we'll be expected to go out and try to take our poop stances and do our business while small buildings fly over our heads. Yes, we are deprived and abused pups with lazy humans.

Oh, ok, the human woman just told me that if it gets bad, I can "do my business" inside. Great, I think I'll start now, as its much too humid to go outside right now.


  1. Oh good idea: take her up on THAT ofFUR -

    Good lukhk!


  2. You get to *go* inside, OMDog, I can't see that ever happening here, the she devil that is my Mum would sooner see me whipped up by a tornado and deposited on the Yellow Brick Road. Still.. I would be used to the company, The scarecrow doesn't have a brain, the tin man doesn't have a heart and the lion has no courage, It would be like being at home with Stupid and crew!.. No prizes for who I would compare the witch to!

    Please don't tell me your Humans are addicted to Latte too? I am beginning to think these creatures are not born, they are just manufactured, out of one mould, labelled FREAK!

    Ben xxxx