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So, the human man has sleeping issues and has to go take some sort of sleep test. Once again I have to point out this whole non-functional human thing where sleep (easiest thing in the world) is beyond their grasp. I mean if humans can’t sleep, we as a society are doomed unless we huskies can take over the world.

So, after he does this sleep thing and they find out that he has the sleep apnea (it pains him so), which I’m sure they will because he sleeps very LOUDLY. Ok, so maybe there is something to this whole “trouble sleeping” thing only because the human man snores so freaking loud that the house rumbles... but I digress.

Apparently the “cure” for this apnea thing is to wear some funky deep sea diving mask thing that has hoses and stuff that shoot air up his nose and he sleeps better. Ok, seriously... stop laughing... that’s what they do, really, I’m not kidding! I know, I KNOW can you believe that they actually buy this stuff?

The human man’s friend wears one of these things and says that its great, and helps him sleep. I think I’ll market a sleep apnea sleepy device that consists of a tin can, a hose and a suction cup on their nose. I’m sure they’d buy that too.

So, we all can’t wait for this new device to get in the house... here is how I see it helping...


  1. Isn't that a dandy game!

    Hope no pal of mine gets any ideas!


  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    ha roooooooo! Mom about lost the sip of her water.


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