Post 99

These gimpies, I swear, they are so high maintenance. Its bad enough that I have to jump on the bed all by myself while Spineless Bionic Hip pup Sam gets lifted onto the bed (note to Frankie... that's gonna be your responsibility once he lands in California, and he's not a lightweight either... and did I mention he dribbles pee sometimes... yeah, he's quite a catch).

Then there's whiny girlie boy Mutatoe, who follows the human woman all over the place, fawning and sucking up. All he has to do is let out one little peep and she's handing out the treats and the livergreat to him and comforting him. I look all fluffy and cute and raise one paw and tilt my head just so and make a little woo noise and I get "you gotta go out? you gotta go pee pee?" Um, no, I'd like a freakin oyster cracker and that kleenex you just tossed away.

Ok, fine, FINE!!!!

Biloxi... you are now an honorary HULA Hoop member, and you BETTER use your gimpability to the utmost at your fur-ever home and I'd better see an adoption picture where your new fur-ever humans are handed your certificate little mister! Learn your sister Meadow's amazing ability to open the fridge, and make your humans freak out for no reason, and shred shred shred!

Now, go out there and dig up the yard when Hurricane Hannah Montana comes rolling in.




  1. Anonymous10:13 PM

    oyyyyster crackerrrrr...


  2. Thank woo, ma'am. Dontcha rememba my indoor gartnin' skills? Thank woo so much!

    Have ya'll a blessed night!


  3. Dribbles pee?

    Khwite the khatch??


    Thank dog and praise cheeses fur allowin' Brother Biloxi into the HULA hoop -

    I know ya'll enjoy your blessed night!


  4. How fun was this week, almost 100!

  5. Way to go Biloxi!! Another totally handsome pup, who has earned his certificate!


  6. YAY Biloxi! WOO definitely earned your place in the HULA hoop.

    Woooo woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe


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