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Lately on the human list there was an in depth discussion between the humans about the best way to keep a husky from counter surfing. I'll wait while you all stop laughing.

Done yet?

Ok, yeah, it was pretty ridiculous, all of their ideas about mousetraps on the counters, tin foil on the counters, things that don't taste very good things on the counters (which would probably include anything the human woman cooks), and my all time favorite: trading up.

Oh geez, I piddled a little laughing at that one. Are you serious? Unfortunately my humans have learned the hard way that the only way to keep human food safe is to put it in a safe, namely the microwave or the big oven (little food safe and big food safe). Notice how through human behavior modification we've taught them new words for items that already have names and new uses for items that already have uses. We do this without clickers and treats. So, who is the smarter species I ask?

So go ahead and try to bribe us to get down, it better be a really good bribe and you better remove the item from the counter because bribery only lasts for about 3 seconds and then we'll try it again... or as long as you have bribes... or until we snag that whole chicken off the counter that you were going to feed your visitors, and yes, we will do our best to make sure that if we do get the chicken and you STILL feed it to your visitors... we'll tattle on you somehow... don't mess with husky!


  1. Sadly, those are two of the four safes in my house -

    The others: the top of the frig AND the know unused bread drawer -

    The Doggy Nanny puts her pokhketbook thingie in there so I don't inspekht its khontents!


  2. Hi Meeshka, I'm not a huskey,I'm a Standard Poodle. BUT counter surfing is one of my best tricks. I think I could win the gold in it. My momma has tried everything and as you said, the only way is to lock the food up. Big or small,I'll get it. I recently added bed surfing for food.(She thought she could get away with hiding a bag of chips under a pillow under the covrs. HAH. Photographic evidence on my blog shows how well that worked!
    I admire all dogs with this skill!
    ps I put up a huzzy photo awhile ago.

  3. Woo. The food safe and the $200 trash can have ruined almost ALL of my fun!

  4. Well, if our Mom puts the mousetraps out on the counter, we won't get up there but she says she can't live her whole life with mousetraps on the counter. So we win!!!!!

    Woo, the OP Pack

  5. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Our mom wouldn't let us read this post...she said she doesn't want us to learn from the masters. Wonder what she meant by that?

    Sky and Bandit, looking up Countersurfing in the dictionary

  6. You are so right Meeshka! We can outsmart those silly humans all the time!

    Khady Lynn

  7. I will take the cookie AND the chicken, thank you very much!!

    Wooooo, Maebe


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