Post 93

Its raining Hannah Montana!
or, if you prefer this version

Ok, sorry, you can stop jabbing forks in your ears, really, I'm sorry about that. I've heard scalded squirrels that could sing better than those women.

Anyhoo, we're starting to get some rain now from the Hannah Montana hurricane. It was just oogie overcast, but when I went out just now to take a sniff around the yard, it started sprinkling, so its only a matter of time before nothing happens.

The humans are already cancelling school activities and stuff around here, but no word on whether the human work will be closed Monday. The humans are moping around because they know that the weekend will be rained out, but it'll be all nice and shiney on monday.

To liven things up around here, I threw a kong on the human woman's foot and watched her dance. Very good form, love the one foot hop and scream.


  1. After subjekhting MY mom to THAT, she is furry sorry fur the earworms she's planted and promises to dig them up!

    PeeEssWoo: Next time woo are chatting with Kara, please tell her she's my role model!

  2. That is by far the most FRIGHTENING video I have ever seen! I couldn't even watch it all the way!

    Good luck on the rain. Hopefully there won't be any thunder.

    Good job on the human woman's foot too!


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