Post 9

We just got done with lunch (the usual mix) and then we shared some cheese and crackers with the human woman (she had no choice).

I wanted to mention that this morning’s bagels had strawberry jam on them, and not the tasty strawberry cream cheese that the humans bought to put on the bagels. You may be asking yourself why they didn’t choose to smear on the tasty strawberry cream cheese... well, as usual, as Turbo would say “humans are stupid” and they actually left the strawberry cream cheese in the truck while they drove around all day on saturday, then realized it was in there when they picked up Uncle Jack at the airport.

At least they had the common sense not to trust strawberry cream cheese that had been festering in a hot truck for a full hot day, but still. I’m sure that would have been tasty had they not forgotten it, had they shared it, and had Sam not snuck around and gotten some of the tasty strawberry jam bagel without sharing.

Word from the human mail list is that Gustav is packing a punch down in MayaMarie area, but the weather people and reporters who are like vultures are making it seem more horrendous than it really is, at least in their area. The pups are getting to do their “business” inside, but not in the white porcelain drinking bowl. Their humans don’t want them to go outside because there is a lot of debris and they don’t want something to come flying off a house and land on them, so that’s pretty cool I think.

Ok, if you’ve made it this far through the blog, I am now announcing a CONTEST!!!!!

I’m going to be mean this year and not tell you what you are going to win until someone wins it. hehehe, hey, its my week of 100, I can do what I want! Don’t worry, I’m not going to be mean and send winners some of the junk laying around the house, although the human woman did offer the broken and nasty steam cleaner as a prize, only because she’s too lazy to drag it to the dump. Unless someone actually wants a broken nasty steam cleaner, then we can haggle after you win.

Ok, this is the contest:
You have until 5pm tomorrow (2 September 2008) to send me (at: a picture of your humans. This picture must be taken from a dog’s perspective, how they see their human. No faces, if faces are included in the picture, they will be cartooned over... and you probably don’t want my interpretation of your human, but if you do, then go for it, it’ll be funny. The winner will be decided by whoever sends a picture that makes me piddle a bit when I laugh and if all of them are like that, then I’ll let the Mutatoe decide through a draw. So, submit your picture of your human from your point of view, you have until 5pm tomorrow to submit, then one of the entries will be the announcement of the winner.

legal attorney at claw speak: if you send me a picture you are authorizing me to use the pictures in my week of 100 to mock and ridicule your humans or do what I wish and you can’t stop me.



  1. OH the pawtential prize pool is sooooo furry enticing!

    Hmmmmm - now to get my brain khrakhing!

    I so hope I didn't sleep on it wrong!


  2. Ooooh, that's a great contest idea. I'll get to work on it.


  3. Ooooh, very khreative!

  4. Hey Meeshka! Our huMom had the nerve to sleep in until noon. Since when does "Labor Day" mean "sleep in all day"? We will see if we can catch the humans in a piddle-worthy pawsition.
    Kayla and Maebe

  5. Anonymous3:53 PM

    Now this is an interesting contest. We will behind our creative thinking process.

  6. Great contest idea,Meeshka. Will woo be sharing all the entries? We hope so.

    Woo, the OP Pack


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