Post 26

Well, yet another amazing human discovery was announced recently. Apparently some “scientists” using google earth have found that cows naturally point north.

Congratulations! I need large amounts of grant money to determine why humans are so stupid, but you don’t see the cash rolling into my house, now do you?

Why is it that humans are so curious as to the behavior of us animals and yet they interpret these findings in simple (because the only humans are simple humans) human terms.

Cow must point north because they are use to going north because they needed to know how to go north to migrate. Ok, stupid humans if they needed to know how to go north for migration, then why don’t they point north during migration season and then point south when it was time to come back season? EH??? Or do humans just think that cows simply walked north for migration season and then hopped a nice cruise ship to continue sailing north until they got back to where they belonged.

Oh wait, that’s right, the scientist (to justify their stupid north migration thing) will then say that cows once had wings that enabled them to fly north and south with the ducks and geese (I hate geese, I stomp my delicate little feety feet at them) and then return back to greener pastures when the winter was over with. I have to say that flying cows would be a lot more messy than those nasty pigeon things that take over nice statues in pretty parks.

Yeah, I’m thinking that never happened.


  1. Once again, we have woo to tank fur setting the stoopid humans straight!



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