Friday, September 05, 2008

Post 81

Things that make you go hmmmm:

A while back during a discussion with a bunch of humans on a mail list where I was pretending to be the human woman, the humans brought up those cute coke commercials with the polar bears. OH yes, I recall now, Huffle was pretending to be her human and was complaining about her former body guard, a polar bear, who happened to be horrible at body guarding. She was mad because her polar bear body guard wasn't vicious enough and someone pointed out just how cute and cuddly polar bears are because there was a bunch of commercials out (and the humans believe that commercials are documentaries) that showed cute polar bears having fun and enjoying a coke. I'm attaching a youtube video as evidence of how stupid humans are:

So, from that video, we see a family of polar bears (who don't appear to be going extinct at all, I mean look at that big family of polar bears just cavorting in all that ice), all cute and fluffy and all that.

But that got me thinking (and we all know how dangerous that is), first of all, polar bears give me the willies, they are HUGE and could probably swallow the Mutatoe whole without choking on his ample ass. I also thought "hmmm, I wonder where they got the coke from?"

Don't you wonder where it came from? I'm sure they don't have coke dispensers wherever polar bears are, if they do, then I'd hate to be the poor shmuck that has to fill it every week out in the middle of nowhere with cranky caffeine withdrawal polar bears and other carnivores jonesing for a fix.

So, putting two plus two together without the use of a calculator, I figured that the polar bears got it from humans... therefore this picture clearly shows that if Huffle had kept her bodyguard and denied it a coke, it would most likely turn on her to get its fix, therefore its a good thing she fired it:

I'm gearing up to get sued by both the polar bear union and coke.



  1. Hmmmm -

    I notice the polar bear video my mom shared during that time period isn't mentioned -

    PeeEssWoo: If you really need to fluff up your khount as the end of the day nears....

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  3. I remember that advert, I also remember Mum making a comment like "aaawww how cute i want one"

    again and again she validates my belief she is STUPID!

    Of course you want a Polar Bear Mum, It will make an excellent Pet, never mind that we don't live even close to the Arctic Ocean.. never mind that it's the LARGEST living Predator on land, Never mind that it would rip you to shreds just for entertainment.. yeah great idea Mum, lets get two!


    I once voiced my opinion on Polar Bears to Huffles Mum.. In a nutshell.. I'm much nicer!

    Ben xxx

  4. Thank god I got rid of Polie!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat