Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Post 27

Well, Uncle Jack's celebrity death curse sure is working overtime (much like his storm creations, more on that in a bit).

So far we've lost Don LaFontaine "the voice".

Jerry Reed, singer, and actor of the Smokey and Bandit movies.

On the storm front, we have Hurricane Gustav (already making itself home in Louisiana and Texas), Hurricane Hanna (heading for a nice coastal vacation in Florida), now we have Tropical Storm Ike (who is most likely going toward Tina Turner), and Tropical Storm Josephine.

Looks like its gearing up for a multiples on the celebrity death pool, and we're still waiting on THE celebrity to go. As much as I admire "the voice" and Jerry Reed... eh, not exactly what I would call national mourning material, so stay tuned for more death and destruction!



  1. I'm sure he'll do better before he departs Merriland -


  2. IN A WORLD....
    where huskies rule!

    We will miss the voice,
    Kayla and Maebe