Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post 62

My sister Tashi sent me this beautiful shot of her and Polar from the Manhattan skyline.

Tashi sucks.

She's such a traveler and she gets to go neat places, and see cool things and she's very involved in politics and cool things since she moved up to New Jersey and went through rehab for her bad habits. She gave up her modeling career and took up the mantle of demonstrating for good causes and stuff. She does the neatest things, and what do I get? A human woman that sits in front of a computer after work and puts jigsaw puzzles together. They aren't even REAL jigsaw puzzles, they're the online ones and she cheats too.

Tashi was in New York to try to find some idiot by the name of Jonah Goldberg and claw some sense into him, which would take a lot of clawing and he would undoubtedly bleed to death well before sense entered into him, but hey, sometimes the cure has to be worse than the disease. I'm not even going to include a link to this guy, he's not worth looking into, just take it from Tashi and I, he's a moron.

(p.s. Tashi... the idiot lives in DC, so you'll have to come visit me and we'll both go find and claw him).

(p.s.s Tashi... why didn't your human woman pick up my human woman one of those cool bags that are up that way, now I have to sit here while she talks about the cool bags).

(p.s.s.s Tashi, watch this, I'm including a link to those cool bags... watch the humans go insane now)


  1. Tashi SOOOOO loves to taunt woo

    and rub your snooter into IT -


  2. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Oh sure, his *house* is in DC. But I thought he was still lying in a Manhattan gutter, dazed and licking his wounds from the smackdown Jon Stewart gave him. I mean, yeah, that was like 8 months ago, but it was a REALLY BAD smackdown.

    I'll find him, though, sooner or later, and when I do, he will be clawed, oh yes. But I'm going to make Polar do it. I'm the brains of the operation, and he's... well, he's Polar.

  3. Did you HAVE to provide that link??

    Thats 20 minutes of my life I will NEVER get back!! Mum practically threw me off the chair when she heard "cool bags" like she doesn't have enough already!

    Thanks.. I appreciate that.. never do that again.. ok?

    Ben xxx

  4. Oh lord! Just what your human woman needs, more bags. She really needs a support group for her addiction.

    Meeshka's human woman: Step AWAY from the BAGS!!