Post 11

To answer some questions left in the comments:

Yes I will be sharing all of the entries so everypup can see that their human is AS pathetic as the next, so you aren’t alone.

She named the pimple Larry. I don’t know why, I’m not asking, I don’t care.

The humans went to starbucks (after the human woman had to yell at Verizon again because they dropped their call forwarding, but still charged them for it and they’re still waiting for the Directv guy to come back and put on a new dish), and she came back with some donuts for breakfast tomorrow, which actually bodes well for her being a lot more coherent than she was this morning.

When Khyra asked if the human woman was dressed correctly... that depends on your definition of khorrectly. If you mean “was she wearing sleeping pants and a t-shirt” then the answer is yes. Were they on the proper parts of her body... its just too embarrassing to go into.

There was a loud shrieking noise early today when apparently the human woman thought the human man was in the bathroom... except it wasn’t him. I’m not going into details there either except to say that doors do come with locks, why aren’t they used more often, humans are so stupid.



  1. Oh goody!

    It will be great to see I am not alone in my albatross of a mom!!

    Rut roh - oh wait - I'll do a google map of your neighbourhood and khontakht THAT starbukhks for THEIR khamera footage!!!


  2. Anonymous6:34 PM

    Thank goodness woo mom is in her normal attire - shirt and sleep pants.

  3. Uh Oh. Yes...when my humans use the bathrooms at other people's houses, they lock the doors to avoid embarassing mistakes.


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