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Uncle Jack just told me that some singer by the name of Sheryl Crow (no relation to the bird, thankfully) who claims she was joking when she suggested that there be a limit on how much toilet paper people should use (one square) because that will help us all save the earth.


I don't care if she was joking or not, are you kidding me, toilet paper rationing? That will help save the earth? Toilet paper rationing. Not to mention the EEEEUUUW factor of humans walking around after using just one square of toilet paper... don't eeeeeven think of petting me with those hands until you thoroughly sanitize them.

I'm thinking that if the one square rule does go into effect, the humans will use 14 times more water cleaning the poo poo covered underwear, thus defeating the entire purpose of saving the earth by limiting how much toilet paper they flush. If only they had fluff like us. Our fluff has anti-poo sticking qualities. Yeah, superior beings you humans, you don't have anti-poo sticking fur and you call yourselves evolved and intelligent.

I'm not even going to start a rant about if I'm limited to one square of toilet paper for snacking or if they do away completely with kleenex OH YOU BETTER NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT!!!!

Yeah, so... if you happen to see Sheryl Crow, claw her for me... then sanitize your claw thoroughly.


  1. Woo know what Tubey says?

    Here's more proof:


  2. Oh lord, what next?


  3. ( we're a little late reading & posting, but this is too good to pass up...)

    Holy Crow! She's got to be kidding. Running out of tp is one of our humom's deepest fears. If there's plenty of tp in the closet, then all is good in her world.

    Yeah, we know, pretty pathetic.
    Star & Jack


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