Post 61

The Mutatoe doesn't feel very good today.

We got the human woman up as usual and went outside. When I wanted to come back in and get breakfast, he stayed out there eating grass and most likely did the horka out there. When he came back inside (finally because I was starving) he didn't eat his food, just stared at it and then gave the human woman that sad "my tummy hurts" look.

I tried to tell the human woman that I would eat his food so it wouldn't go to waste, but she threw it out anyway.... sigh.

He got a pink pepto pill shoved down his throat this morning because when the human man was petting the mopey mutatoe, his stomach growled REALLY loud and frightened us all because we though a large carnivore had somehow found its way into the house. Then he went back outside and I think he horka'd the pill back up. I'm wondering if he managed to get something tasty from the humans when we weren't looking and it doesn't agree with him. Of course, he could be all upset over having that peticure thing attacking him while we was trying to eat bagel. Who knows, he's such a sensitive mutatoe.



  1. I recommend rotti-slobbers, they have excellent healing powers, i'll get some in the post right now!

    Ben xxx

  2. Too much livergreat probably.



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