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I just wanted to take everyone back in the way back machine and stroll down memory lane and pee on some bushes and show you a picture of me as a teenager. Please note that box of kleenex within my reach and the tons of stupid electronic equipment and big ol huge dayplanner on the coffee table. Yes, I'm quite aware that my humans are hoarders and have no sense of decor and style, but hey, there's plenty to chew on.

We use to own this couch and the moment that I came home to this place after choosing my humans (who had fooled me into thinking that they were rich and they were going to show me at Westminster and we'd stay at 5 star hotels and I would be pampered... I'm so cheated) I decided that this part of the couch would be MINE.

We don't have the couch any more, one of the mutatoes or the old guy-guy christened it one too many times.

I really have nothing cushy to lay on anymore except my sleep number bed. Sure we have dog beds and cushy pillows all over the floors and stuff, but I'd really like to have a couch. Does anyone have a comfy couch they could send to me? I'd like something green because it would match my fluff better.

Please send the couch to me in Merryland.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

(the couchless)


  1. Mum says she has a purple couch? Or would that clash with your fur?

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  2. You can't have my couch. Sorry. Besides, it's Khaki and would clash with your fur.

  3. I can't send you one of mine, but you are more than welcome to come HERE to sleep one one of my nice soft cushy couches!

    Love your closing statement!



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