Post 42

Warning: this post contains adult material, view discretion is advised.

This post is rated Arrrrrrgh (per Capn Maverick)

Hey everyhusky, its Huzzy Wednesday! Its time to rip off your collars, go nude and show us your stuff. If you are a prude, then don't go to these links because you will see nothing buy nude fluffy huzzies and studmuffins (I was going to imbed some porn music here, but decided that it might send you over the edge after the khake song).

The OP Pack in all their fluffy glory

Huffle, nude and loving those cold wooden floors

Denali, the stud muffin

Kaela K and Maebe Baby showing their stuff

Chili, Cracker, and Mikki in their full fluffy glory

Brice, MR. studmuffin (try to control yourselves ladies)

Kapp Pack flashers

Ms. Fluffytail herself... Khyra

Star and Jack (love the shy tail placement)

Drew in her cage match huzzy pose

A very tasteful pose by Ammy of AO4

A mini muffin

Texas Sun Dogs

Check out Ben... WOOF!

Look out, its more puppy fluffy huzziness!

Cap'n Maverick showing his bootie call

Whole lotta Mal Gal

Indy muffin

If I've missed anyone, please comment and let me know so I can post your nude fluffiness!

And now... the moment you've been waiting for.....


  1. Hey, Meeshka, thanks fur including us in your list. We had a lot of fun getting this ready fur all to see. And wow, look at those two beauties in your post!!!!! Life is great, isn't it, when one can be sooooooooooooooo relaxed!!!

    Woos and wags, the OP Pack

  2. Our humom just added our pics, can you link us in?

    Woo are so fluffy from top to bottom!

    Star & Jack the Studmuffin a-roo

  3. And I get khalled a huzzy?

    Great work my khween!

    I sooooo do what I khan to do woo proud!


  4. Storm put Ammy in charge of our post. She's getting it up now.
    Play bows,

  5. Anonymous12:52 PM

    Meeshka, my beautiful Queen, my Mom showed me the pictures of you, but then couldn't send one of me because she said it was "too graphic!"

  6. I may not be a husky, but i can bare it with the best of them hehehe

    post is up.. the things i do for our Queen!

    Ben xxx

  7. Love them ALL!!! And Meeshka, what a tummy you have!

    I will have mine up this evening as soon as my human gets home from work. I'll paw you an email when it's up!


  8. We finally got ours up.


  9. Hey Meeshka, I did a beefcake pose!


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