Monday, September 01, 2008

Post 12

New HULA Member: Meadow

Yes, I've been saving up this HULA award for today when I formally announce Meadow of the Kapp Pack as a new HULA Hoop member.

Meadow is quite amazing. She managed to look so incredibly pitiful in her shelter picture that the Kapp Pack humans dropped what they were doing and ran to get her out of that horrible jail cell.

When she got home, sure she played the cute, innocent, I'm a homeless pup please let me stay routine that had the humans eating right out of her paws... and then the fun began.

You can read more about Meadow's exploits in her own words here. The most impressive thing is her ability to open the fridge and help herself to whatever she wants is awe inspiring, and should be emulated by all of us.

I'm sure the Kapp Pack human's efforts to keep her from getting into the fridge is a minor set back to her HULA ways.

Keep up the good work Meadow and Kapp Pack.



  1. Ha rooo!

    One must always watch out fur the khwiet ones!!

    Khongrats Princess Sunshine Meadow!!!

    And as she paws, TTFN!


  2. Anonymous6:35 PM

    YEAH! We love that Meadow can open the fridge. That is soo cool!
    Welcome to the HULA HOOP!

  3. Congratulations Princess Sunshine Meadow! WOO are quite the gifted Sibe, and your new brothers should bow before your royal highnessness since WOO got the mad skilz (if they don't, share NOTHING!) We are still hoping WOO will share step-by-step instructions!!

    Woooo woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  4. Thank you so much! I am so honored!

    TTFN, Meadow