Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post 66

Although there are a myriad of examples of human stupidity found on the internet, I just wanted to point out this particular case of stupidity, because its both pathetic and funny.

Sometimes (if there was a definite escape hatch) I would like to get into the human mind and watch as the following thought process is formed:

Hey, I think I'll dress up as a bobcat, put on a parachute, jump out of an airplane and land in a stadium, that would be fun!

I'm sure there would be all sorts of strange justifications going on, most likely a lot of chocolatinis involved, and more stupid humans saying "yeah, that would be sooo coool, everyone would think you are the greatest, you should do that".

That's another thing I like about humans: they goad each other on to do stupid things. I'm not sure they do it because they, too, have no sense whatsoever and think that jumping out of an airplane in a bobcat outfit would be a great thing, or if its just their Jerry Springer mentality that wants them to actually see a moron jumping out of an airplane wearing a bobcat outfit and possibly dying. I'm guessing by the tons of cam corders aimed at the stupid costume wearing idiot during the game, that they were all prepared for carnage and youtube fame and fortune (which makes them even more stupider since nobody gets paid on youtube, but you may end up having your footage put on CNN).

I guess the stupid human is ok... unfortunately.



  1. what the!!??? that is possibly the most cringeworthy video i have watched in a while.. it wasn't even spectacular.. just plain stupid and the costume made it even more ridiculous, he will be forever known as the bumbling bobcat parachutist.. I can't even feel pity since his blatant stupidity caused his downfall.

    on another topic, tell your human that she needn't refund the 15% on the lead, donate it to the homeless pups instead. If your Mum has already done it then Mum will just tag it onto her pledge amount.

    Ben xxx

  2. Hmmmmm - the high skhhool in York City's maskhot is the Bearkhat too -

    Hope they have better lukhk!


  3. Stupid stunts can only be preformed by stupid humans.