Friday, September 05, 2008

Post 80

Ok, so the human was was watching tv last night and saw a handbag on a commercial (good lord, I need to put her in a program), and she got the itch for a squishy leather shoulder bag. She already has a squishy leather shoulder bag, its in Uncle Jack's room. So, she asks Uncle Jack if she can go in the room we can't go in and get something, making sure he's not hiding a blow up sheep or something in there first, which is nice of her.

She goes in and gets the bag out of the garbage bag of bags that's hidden under the bed, but when she stands up, she realizes that she left the door open a crack and the Mutatoe had wandered into the room we can't go in. Like a good HULA member, he immediately jumps on the bed and begins to roll and wallow on a pair of clean Uncle Jack underwear like it was a dead thing (and frankly, if its wallowable, then perhaps it needs to be washed again... I'm just sayin).

She tries to get him to stop, but he tells me that those things were worthy of a good body rub, so the human man comes in after hearing the human woman yelling at Mutatoe to stop wallowing and they both started laughing, which only eggs him on more. The human man had to pick Mutatoe up (yelling and screaming) and plopped him out of the room.

He smells like Uncle Jack undies now.


  1. RUT ROH -

    Woo really need to warn us when you say khreepi things like THAT -

    My poor snooter - the thought of smelling like Unkhkle Jakhk and his gnome -


  2. The question on my mind is..

    Did Uncle Jack have an Inflatable Sheep in there?

    Inquisitive minds need to know

    I'm rather disturbed by the whole "smelling of Uncle Jack" thing, it's not Uncle Jack in general.. just which *parts* of Uncle Jack the smell originated from! Now I'm thinking too much, I need to go chew something!

    Ben xxxx