Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post 67

What is it with humans jumping off of, or out of, perfectly good aircraft or mountains? More importantly, why is it that when they die or have issues, they act surprised?

Case in point, this stupid human here.

I love this quote: "I was too nonchalant and there is no room for mistakes in this sport,"

Sport? Leaping from a mountain wearing wings isn't a sport. If it was a sport, then birds would be given million dollar salaries and we'd be watching starlings fly around on tv... which would be more entertaining than what they show now, but still, its not a sport.

Humans weren't born with wings (nor brains I fear) and if they continue to leap off of things with the expectation of flying, then we should actually applaud them, make it into a hit tv show and scrape up the bodies while cheering.

I also don't think that humans should have to pay for a helicopter to come and rescue these people once they do fall off of mountains. If they jump, they should be left there, as its only natural that stupid people that jump off of mountains should be dined upon by the indigenous carnivores. It would be like a stupid people buffet.

I'm pleased to be able to show you the video of the guy (which he himself took) careening off of rocks and landing in a tree... I give him a 7 for his unique way of screaming and soiling his expensive jump suit.


  1. Let's hope it is a Darwinian projekht!

    Stoopid humans have this "BASE" jumping hobby -

    Good thing Unkhkle Jakhk doesn't -



  2. "'s a wonderful feeling flying down the mountain....being in complete control..."

    Duh, "complete control?" Maybe he should watch this again and again and again and again while his broken leg heals.

    Wooos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack

  3. He looks like one of those flying squirrels. Only yellow. And yelling. And stupid.


  4. I was once of the opinion that there were no humans more stupid than mine, I have now been proved incorrect on that point, there are humans way more stupid than mine, that guy being a classic example.. and check out this guy...

    hey he is a world record holder of stupidity!

    I wonder if he is actually proud of his bruised ribs, legs, etc
    Still at least he doesn't have to worry about damaging his brain cells, he clearly killed all those some time ago!

    dumb fool

    Ben xxxx