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Introducing new HULA members Kayla and Maebe:

Dearest Meeshka, Queen of Everything,

On behalf of my sister Maebe and myself, I present our application to HULA. We are almost 4 years old and as you can see, we have been in training our whole lives. Please know that there is much more to our exploits than our application indicates, these are merely the highlights of our qualifications and we know your time is precious.

1. Demonstrating Disruptive Behavior: Even as a small puppy, I demonstrated my escape artist abilities (even though the "escape" would have been to the rest of the back yard, where the pool and the plants are). I also enjoy leaping onto and clawing my huMom after she comes home from work and smother her with kisses. Maebe outdoes me in this area, as she greets with her claws AND her teeth! Once when huMom turned her back on her, Maebe jumped up and snapped her bra strap! Also, one time Maebe brought a live birdie into the house thru the doggie door to play with. The Big Man captured and released it alive, unfortunately. We also caught a mouse once, dragged it into the living room and tried to eat it, leaving blood EVERYWHERE!!! Too bad there aren't many critters that visit our back yard... that was an extra special treat. We used to get banished to the kitchen when we were disruptive, but we eventually succeeded in modifying the humans' behavior (see below).

2. Cause Humans to freak out for no real reason: The best freak out was when the Big Man was packing his truck to go see his Mom in Montana. He didn't shut the door behind him and I ran outside! I had them fooled though... I pretended to go back towards the door so they would open it to "let me back in", but when they opened the door Maebe dashed outside too! Then we turned tail and trotted away. Poor huMom was out of shape and no match for our speed, but the Big Man got his bike and huMom told him "they went that-a-way". We dashed across a very busy intersection but Big Man quickly caught up with us, boy did we freak them out!

3. Destroy Something: Maebe has me beat here, as she has rendered two smart phones inoperable. Anything left on the floor is fair game! We have done quite a bit of remodeling in the back yard - we've dug up bulbs, vines, plants, you name it! We've also scratched the heck out of the glass on the patio doors. Hey, when we want to come in, we want in NOW!!! (or open that gate to the doggie door so we can come and go as we please!!! We won't destroy any more plants, promise!!!) We have destroyed many food containers and chewed on the ends of utensils and other kitchen implements. We can't even count how many squeaky toys we've destroyed, though we are much easier on them now because we don't want huMom to take them away for good.

4. Human behavior modification: through our puppy cuteness and selective good behavior, we now have free reign over the house, including the couch and the bed. Here is Maebe on her perch - that is HER spot and no human or doggie can have it. And here I am when huMom asked me what I was doing on the couch (note my incredulous expression!). Also, I piddle when I'm am forced to do things I don't want to do (like when huMom wants to capture me for bathing), so huMom and the Big Man have to be very gentle with me. We have also mastered the "guilt trip puppy abandonment" expression for more treats!!

5. Humans dress you up: huMom made us wear these sparkly funky collars on Sheena's birthday. Also, she put stuck bows on our head on our first Christmas. I wore mine for over an hour and even took a nap with it! I had a short attention span and forgot it was there until Maebe ripped it off my head. Sometimes huMom puts bandanas on us too, we don't mind those so much. I have one that says "I'm the princess, that's why!" So appropriate.

6. Love of Kleenex: huMom has "allergies" so her nose leaks all the time (her doctor told her she is allergic to dogs, good thing she likes us better than her nose! Then again, she is also allergic to cats and almost every grass and pollen out there so it can't be our fault) . Used Kleenex galore! Sometimes we get the added bonus of a full box of Kleenex, a roll of paper towels, post-it notes, cardboard boxes, or anything else we get to shred. We LOOOOOOVE the kleenex and paper goods!

Thank you for your consideration of our application. We look forward to supporting the HULA cause, because we believe that huskies should rule the world.

Bowing before her fluffiness,
Kayla and Maebe


  1. Welcome to the HULA hoop Kayla K and Maebe Baebe!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  2. Wow, such great new members!!! And both so adorable too!

    Khady added one more thing to her list too. She destroyed a softball!

    Great job on the posts so far. I have been reading and catching up. I liked you try with Sam to get him to Frankie. Bummer it didn't work.


    We are so excited we just might piddle ourselves. Thank you Queen Meeshka, we are honored to be HULA operatives.

    Kayla and Maebe

  4. I am so proud and honoured to be among the khlass of this khlassiest of all HULA khlasses!

    Khuties with some pawesome achievements!


  5. Congratulations, you two deserve it!



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