Post 21

What is this???? What IS this????

This came in the mail today, the brown truck guy knocked on the door and threw it at the human woman and she giggled gleefully and scampered down the stairs with it, WHAT IS THIS???

I'm sure its something "for" us, but not really "for" us like a big hunk of salmon or a castle made out of livergreat would really be FOR us, but I'm guessing that whatever this thing is it can't be FOR us or it would be edible or it would squeek. I'm guessing its something that is good for us, which is entirely different than fun for us.

We are currently locked in our crates because someone is over at our house that can't be fluffed before they go back to work. At least we have our tasty kongs to appease us, but still, this whole special delivery thing and now a strange person at the house that can't be fluffed or mauled... this does not bode well.


  1. Run NOW -

    OR Chew your feet off -

    YOUR choice -


  2. Uuuugh, Mom's been wanting one of these. I have a feeling you're going to be tortured soon.


    PS What kind of weirdo can't be fluffed for work?

  3. Oh, NO! This CAN'T be good news! It just CAN'T be! Run, Meeshka, run and hide! Want me to save you some room under the dining room table?

  4. Anonymous1:16 PM

    rut ro, Meeshka. This does not look good. Will it be magic like the magic brush?


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