Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Post 41

Ok, this video is for Khyra and everypup that likes Khake. I saw this on another blog and stole it, but its so good, that I had to have it... seriously, this will drive your humans totally stark raving insane and there's just no way that they won't be able to get this song out of their head until they actually make you some Khake, so everypuppy... play this song just once (if you play it more than once, you could actually damage the human brain too much and then they'll just lay on the floor with the slightest amount of spittle coming out of their mouth, but then agains spittle is fun to lick, but not as good as khake, so go for the khake and only play it once).

And now... the secret weapon video (please note that this is my first attempt at imbedding youtube code in my blog, so if this doesn't work, I'll try, try again):


  1. Oh yes - I already tortured my human with that this am -

    AND almost sent it to some others -

    Thanks fur having our bakhks!


  2. Ha ROO, is THAT going to irritate my mom all day! Ha roo roo roo! Maybe it will make her tear herself away from the iPod and do something ELSE! Like make a CAKE!
    Tail wags,

  3. Wooo, Queen Meeshka we need to know if there is an antidote for this video. Our mama must have an extremely low tolerance. We only played it once as you instructed, but she must have overdosed as she is now laying on the floor drooling and twitching. Please advise how we can revive her before dinner time.
    Thank you,
    The RHP