Post 78

Yaaaawn, stretch, poot.

Oh, excuse me! That bland food is making me a bit gassy.

The human woman was soooo concerned about Hanna Montana storm coming our way that she slept in until 9 am, and then was totally incoherent until she got the precious coffee (she's gollum like that), and so here we are... behind, as usually.

I do want to send out a very special Blossom HULA award to someone that is near and dear to my heart: CHARLIE THE BIG DOG!

Did you check out his blog today? You should because you should see what Charlie got today, even though he did a garbage can raid and slathered garbage goodies all over the place!

He's been quite the rascal lately, and what with that whole 90210 scare, who blames him.

Yep, Charlie has managed to freak his humans out with his bionic heart, and now whenever he farts or burps, they leap up and fan him with palm leaves and feed him livergreat, and tend to his every whim. He's even got a new hands free phone so he can call them to wait on him hand and foot so he doesn't even have to move!


Its only fair that this be a dual HULA Hoop award because Opy sure has done HER share of destruction while the humans have been fawning and taking care of Charlie. My human woman got pee mail from their human woman about feeling guilty about leaving Opy alone while they take care of Charlie and actually don't mind that she rips the entire house to shreds because (and this is a direct almost sorta I'll deny I made this up quote): She hasn't been getting the attention she needs so she can just go ahead and rip up the house and eat all of our meatables.

Congratulations to both Charlie and Opy and welcome to the HULA Hoop with open arms!



  1. GMTA!

    Was this before or after MY post this am -

    See, the early mom gets the good (ear)worms!


  2. Excellent!!! They sure do deserve their awards!!!


  3. WOW ! What an honour - thank you so much Meeshka !

    Charlie has taken all the credit for the destruction - but I did have a paw in it as well :)



  4. Hey Meeshka,

    Thanks for my award!

    In true HULA style, I refuse to share with Opy, because she is stupid.

    She's a Gimpy Brain!

    I will display it proudly on my blog!

    Thanks - You ROCK!



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