Friday, September 05, 2008

Post 97

I'm trying to wrap up all the material I wanted to cover during this week of 100, but the human woman thwarted some of my plans because of her excessive chocolatini intake.

I wanted to get everyone a video of the mutatoe doing his happy poop dance, but since he had an upset tummy, he didn't feel much like doing the happy poop dance. Just in case you were wondering, he's feeling much better today and has been a total pain in the ample ass trying to steal my kongs and even body slamming me this afternoon. I've been good and haven't slammed his head into the floor because the human man says I can't do that anymore, something about too expensive to get him fixed.

I think I nominated all of the HULA members that had submitted their resumes, but I'm going to nominate some more HULA Members right now:

Domino and Cornelia Marie!!!!!

Yes, these young pups are making me very proud with their yelling at their stupid humans and causing all sorts of chaos and mayhem in their new homes. Brings a tear to my eye, it does. Congratulations, I'll claw your HULA certificate in a bit.


  1. Hey Ma'am,

    How's about a po' lil' ole fosta doggy likes me?

    Have a Blessed Day, Biloxi

  2. Please Meeshka -

    Do it

    DO IT


    Other wise you will hear him all the way in Merriland - TRUST ME!


  3. Oh OH OHHH I am so excited!!!!

    Thank you Meeshka, I will do all
    HULA members proud!

    Ha Roooooo Ha Rooooooo!


  4. How furry exciting!!!! My sis and my handsome Domi!!! Very well deserved HULA members!!!


  5. Yay Domino and CM!! Glad to see Meeshka is recruiting the young'uns. WOO have a long career as a HULA operative in front of WOO!

    Kayla and Maebe