Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post 64

I don't want to get into politics and who is better and who sucks and who botched what, and what these stupid humans are for, but I'm very confused by a statement made by Ms. Palin during her rousing speech yesterday.

Ms. Palin said: What's the difference between a soccer mom and a pitbull? Answer: Lipstick.

ha (weak laugh)... um... yeah, funny joke if it wasn't for that fact that we don't ban soccer moms (although they will be banned once I'm queen of the world) and we don't euthanize soccer moms just for being soccer moms, and we don't run in fear every time we see a soccer mom (ok, my human woman does).

Perhaps if Ms. Palin becomes the VP (a very long shot as we all know that Khyra will be VP and she will be banning soccer moms) she will embrace the poor pitties that have been discriminated against, banned, and killed for no reason other than their breed.

I will also declare that once soccer moms are eradicated from this earth, that all pit bulls will be allowed to wear lipstick. They won't be allowed to wear it before soccer moms are gone because we may mistake a pit bull for a soccer mom.



  1. Will the lipstick wearing be compulsory? I'm sure that male pitbulls would like to know!

    Ben xxx

    Mum wants to know if she really made that "joke" so ironic if she did given it is so "politically" incorrect.. again, just another reason why humans are stupid and dogs should rule the world!

  2. OH, my mom HOWLED at that one -

    But I think it was more of a pained howl -

    Yep, on the list!


  3. This is by far our favorite post of the day.

    I wanted to tinkle on her head when she said that.

    (with my not-so-scary foster Pit Bull brother Rulon)

  4. When I heard that I wooooe'd "Don't insult pit bulls by comparing yourself to them!"

  5. Well said, Meeshka! The Girl said, Hell Yeah! when she read it!

    (We are lurkers. Sorry about that.)

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl

  6. Do you think it would be ok if I sent Monty out to pee on her?

    I'm just askin'