Post 33

I’m sorry to report that Scarlett has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Please go to Scarlett’s page and tell her humans how sorry you are for their loss.

While the gimpies drive me nuts, its sad when they cross the bridge.

Um... I’m a bit embarrassed to report that Huffle is posting in the nude today... um... go look if you are a perv or something... Huffle... eeesh, I’m a bit verklempt at the moment.

Indy is hiking to help huskies and northern breeds, so go check out the stunning picture of him, he looks very fluffy indeed.

Jackson is still having issues and now they want to steal his pee. I’m right with you on that whole stealing pee thing Jackson, be strong on hold that pee!!!! Go wish him good luck with all of his testing and stupid junk at the vet.

Would someone please send Dave a script or some livergreat, he’s losing his memory and livergreat has been proven to improve the memory in dogs. No, really, cows point north and livergreat helps with memory because once you have it, you’ll never forget it.

I subscribe to a blog called “My Life is Crap” because I love reading about humans that think their life is crap. Normally there are some funny ones on there (I’m thinking of submitting a fake one about my human woman) but today... I’m thinking that this woman doesn’t have a crappy life, she’s just crappy all by herself and needs to stay that way so others don’t suffer.

Ok, that’s it for the blog roll for now.



  1. My post for 'Did someone say CHEESEKHAKE' is set to show at 12:02am -

    woo are welkhome to link to it -

    I'm trying to get more khreatures to show woo the money!


  2. I hope nopuppy does anything rude with my picture.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  3. We're very sad about Scarlett. We need to find a way to live to 100.


  4. Does anypuppy think Huffle looks a little embarrassed by her nudie pic? Loosen up sweetie, we are nekkid ALL THE TIME and love the lifestyle!

    WOOOOO woo rar rar rar,
    Kayla and Maebe

  5. Thank you for thinking about us Meeshka and sending well wishes. All the e-love has been wonderful.

    Jason and The FleasGang

  6. Stormy said my memory failure is from spending too much time with Mom. I had a good come-back, but I can't remember what it was now. Woo.


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