Friday, September 05, 2008

Post 85


Oh, wait a minute, its fake. Oh whew, for a moment there I was thinking that all of the tasty spiders that I have found and eaten were coming to seek revenge. Oh those humans, those funny humans and their little toys... um, wait a minute, how much did this thing cost? $1.8 million just to bring it to Liverpool? Are you kidding me? For street theater? What ever happened to the very cheap, and slightly drunken street jugglers? I mean come on, those were incredibly cheap and when they juggled fire there was that chance that one would set themselves aflame.

I can't believe how much humans will pay for entertainment. Its bad enough that they pay "sports" figures outlandish salaries for running around a field chasing a ball. There are dogs that can catch much better than these high paid "athletes" who will run around and catch a ball for liver treats. They also pay "actors" a whole bunch of money to pretend to be something they aren't. Heck, my human woman does that every day that she goes to work and pretends to be a professional contractor. I can act! I've pretended to be asleep as the Mutatoe walks by me and then I leap up and skitter and shriek at him so he'll piddle with fear on the carpet and laugh when the human woman scolds him.

Do the humans REALLY need a huge mechanical spider? Wasn't that done in that incredibly lame, very bad, oh my gawd I can't believe they paid anyone to act in this thing and that people actually paid to go see it movie "The Wild Wild West" (my human woman is still totally irked by this remake, as that was her all time favorite show when she was a pup).

So its not even like an original idea or anything. Humans are so lame.


  1. uh oh.. you just sparked a riot in my house, Mum & Dad yelling about what their hard earned taxes get spent on oops..

    and that was 1.8 million UK pounds so in dollars that is a whopping $3165849.85 Holy Dog Crap!

    Hope that spider doesn't get shipped to a city near us anytime soon, Mum may lose the plot completely!

    Ben xxx

  2. WOW!

    That one would take one big honkin' web -


  3. Mom also loved the tv show . The so called movie was beyond awful. Thank Dog I didn't pay the big bucks to see it in the theater.

    You only have 15 more to go. WOW. Are your fingers bleeding yet??