Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post 71

Ok, I think we've come up with a solution on how to get Spineless Bionic Hip pup Sam to his girl Frankie!

Uncle Jack will be leaving here on Saturday. We thought about stowing him away in the luggage, but if he goes in the checked baggage, TSA may steal him (why, I don't know, but why take chances). If we put him in a carry on, then his stainless steel hip will set off the terrorist alarms and they'll probably just go and blow up the carry on, ruining all of Uncle Jacks toiletries and his laptop... oh yeah, and Sam too.

I thought and thought, then I napped and thought, and then I slept and thought, and finally while getting high on tasty meatable smells on the human woman's pants I had an epiphany! No an epiphany is a brillient idea and has nothing to do with piddling.

Instead of trying to stow Sam away in carry on baggage, why not make HIM the carry on baggage!

He'll go through X-ray and the inspectors will just figure his hip is part of the structural integrity of a new space age polimar bag material and let him go through.

Of course, he's not exactly thrilled about where we had to hook one side of the strap too... but he'll get use to it I'm sure.


  1. Possibly your most brilliant invention ever!

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  2. I have one of those -

    It would SOOOOO work!

    Once again, your brilliance is beyond brilliant!


  3. My Mom wants this SAM bag bad.......
    She said its the best bag she has
    ever laid her bagaholic eyes on.

    Frankie Girrrl

  4. Oh goodness. That might just work as long as Sam remembers to be quiet and NOT move!!


  5. noooo.. not more cool bags, Mum will want one now.. do you realise what you have done.. i'm gonna get a strap shoved up my nether regions now!

    (insert expletive.. or several)

    Thats just great!


  6. I like this! Want Mom to send you some polypro for the strap? She's got lots!

  7. Brilliant! Absolwootly brilliant! Do you think Uncle jack will stuff him into the overhead?

    Star & jack