Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tipsy Human Woman

No, she's not at the chocolatinis again, she got new glasses.

Normally I don't draw her with glasses on because, well, I'm lazy, and she prefers not to be drawn with glasses on. I actually convinced her to let me show you the new glasses, so here they are. She says she looks like a dork, and you know... for the first time, she's right!

On top of getting new glasses that make her look like a dork, these are those fancy "progressive" glasses. No, that doesn't mean fashionable or trendy, that means old people bifocals, but in a nicer way.

Apparently it takes a while for humans to get use to this new "progressive" stuff, and they are correct, as the human woman now tips over easily. This is great for getting at her food or just knocking her down when we feel like it. I like these new glasses, even though I refuse to be seen with her outside when she's wearing them.



  1. Oh khome on -

    It is your chance to be a SERVICE dog and go places with her!

    She looks kinda sexy in 'em -


  2. You have such an entertaining human woman, it's always something with her, isn't it? Our humom got those stupid progressive lenses two years ago and kept freaking out, thinking she was going to fall off the earth or something, so she went back and ranted till they re-made them for her as trifocals. She hates them & usually prefers to walk around half blind. Why don't they just smell where they're going?

    Woos & a-roos,
    Star & Jack a-roo too

  3. Harrrrrr Meeshka
    Mom and Lisa the Mean wear glasses Harrrrrr. they got the ones that turn in to sunglasses in the sun light Harrrrrr. dont let yer mom go driving for a while.
    Cap'n Maverick the Pirate

  4. Our Mom has progressives and used to love them, but now she thinks the reading part is wrong and she has a headache all the time. How can they be called progressive if they make things worse?

    Woo, the OP Pack

  5. My Mom said to tell your Mom to stick it out and wear them for a while. She will get used to them, she promises. But I warn you Meeshka, she will be able to tell time on any clock and then she will know it is 3:15 and not 5 o'clock .... you know when you tell her it is dinner time at 3:15 because it is cloudy or something. Why is it they can go get snacks anytime they want and we can't anyway! so not fair ...

  6. Maverick makes a good point. Don't let her drive for a bit. And think of the snacks within easy reach now.

    Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

  7. My Maw is still refusing to get "progressives". She keeps switchin' between drivin' glasses and readin' glasses cause she needs to work at a computer everyday and her neck would get awfully stiff if'n she had to keep tiltin' her head back.
    Maw says for your Maw to be extra careful at night.

    Husky Kisses,

  8. As the wearer of such glasses, management at The Herd has always wondered why they are called progressive when they have nothing to do with progress - since our eyesight is worse - and everything to do with regress.

  9. WOO WOO Meeshka

    Our mom got these funny progressive glasses too. She even has sunglasses ones and when she wears them when we are walking, she wanders around funny and has trouble on the steps! We don't get it! Why wear something that causes problems??

    Thor and Marco Polo

  10. Oh dear, our Mom wears dork glasses too, it IS embarrassing!!! I bet your Mom gets used to those progressives soon!