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I just have to ask:
What compels humans to do suicidal things like create a giant car that looks like a giant weenie? Do they not realize that they
a.) look incredibly stupid driving around in a big weenie.
b.) will undoubtedly cause accidents while driving around in a big weenie because other drivers will shriek in fear and run into things
c.) wild hungry dogs will rip them to shreds trying to get to that soft inner meatable driving the giant weenie.
d.) Aren't attracting potential buyers of the real small weenies because people are too busy standing in front of the giant weenie getting their picture taken and goofing on the dork driving the big weenie and wondering how much the dork gets paid and whether he gets paid in weenies.
e.) I just like typing and saying weenie and saying big weenie and not getting censored or called an adult site, but if I call myself a bitch because, in fact, I am a female dog, I'll be banned, censored, and women's rights people who dress just like Tina Fey and want to be Tina Fey will picket the human woman's house.

I'm just sayin


  1. I don't know why humans do that stuff...

  2. The answer is in the gender of the designer:


  3. One of the big weenies "lives" in our town! We see it around often.

  4. (earworm plant) Oh I wish I was an .....

    Star & Jack a-roo


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