Monday, September 01, 2008

Post 8

Its time to reveal a covert HULA operation that, unfortunately, failed recently.

I'm sure you are all aware that sometimes we must keep covert HULA operations very secrety secrete because we know that the humans infiltrate our blogs and intercept our private messages via e-mail. We were pretty sure that we would succeed with this mission, but we didn't expect a catastrophic failure of our disguise.

Yes, everypup, we had planted a covert HULA operative as a potential Vice Presidential candidate. We even snickered at the name we gave the operative and felt for sure that the name alone would have given away our plan, but we just couldn't resist. To our amazement, the candidate was in the top running for getting picked.

The whole plan was to have our candidate wait until the day of voting, and then that covert operative would tell every human to vote for Tubey and Khyra for President and Vice President. It would have been a sure fire thing, but as I mentioned before... there was a structural integrity issue with the costume (never trust Bangledesh silk worms to knit you a human costume... I'm just sayin).

So yes, during a recent photo opportunity, the hotel where the event was being held was serving livergreat on crackers and our covert operative couldn't resist... who can blame him.

So, here is the horrible unveiling of our dastardly deed.
Pictured to the right is Governor Tim PAWlenty (get it... PAW!!!), who is actually Windswept Siberian Snowfall of the Wunderlands (stupid human name) aka: Britches. Britches spent a year in a special school to learn how to walk upright, use a opposable thumbs, and promise the world everything without laughing. Once the announcement was made about the livergreat and crackers, Britches lost all composure, forgot all of his training and started begging. The suit could not hold his exuberance and ripped, exposing his true self. Sigh.

Rest assured, we have other covert operatives out there working hard to ensure the U.S. is ruled with an even paw by Tubey, but still PAWlenty, they're so stupid they didn't even see through that.



  1. Yes, sad but true that one failed -

    We stil have hopes with Monty Python taking khare of things -

    I mean, isn't all of the government some kind of flying cirkhus?

    Turbo and I will be unveiling the khampaign slogan and such soon -

    Start snagging the cheese and bakhon for the after speech soirees -

    VP 2 B Turbo-08

  2. Foiled again!!!!

    TTFN, Meadow

  3. Momma's friend is his cousin and she has lots of stories about how he failed to maintain the human costume. Are you sure there wasn't some lab in his pedigree?

    Princess Eva